This time I want to tell you how our actions in the past year will affect the future of the FCI. I am not saying it is not important to summarise our achievements and to explain why we proceeded in a certain way, but I want to talk about our future as an international organisation, but most important about the future of our dogs worldwide.

Three aspects have been transcendental during the past year; cooperation and collaboration, innovation and preparation for the future. These three aspects will lead our organisation for the next year.

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Rafael de Santiago
FCI President
In memoriam

Carlos Fernández-Renau
The Spanish canine organisation (RSCE) informs about the sad news: the Spanish judge Carlos Fernández-Renau has passed away.

He started at a very young age as a handler, showing dogs of friends or clients. He was still very young when he won his first Best in Show with a female Great Dane bred by “Los Madroñales”.

His career as a breeder started with Standard Dachshunds long-haired, breeding several generations of champions and group winners. He then bred American Cocker Spaniels, English Cocker Spaniels, Yorkshire Terriers, Bichon Frisé, Miniature Schnauzers, Maltese, Fox Terriers Smooth and Scottish Terriers. For the majority of these breeds, he bred well-known champions, prodigious stud dogs, world and BIS winners. But “Del Zarzoso” is a famous and respected kennel name worldwide thanks to his poodles.

Del Zarzoso poodles made history with Best in Show dogs winners in dog shows all over the world.

As an all-rounder judge, he started judging groups 4 and 9. He officiated in almost every single country and was invited to judge BIS in some of the world’s most prestigious dog shows, like Stockholm International, Santa Barbara (USA), Royal Melbourne, Sydney, Helsinky Nordic Winner, Copenhagen,… He judged BIS in many international dog shows organised by the RSCE, the last being the Exposición Internacional Canina de Primavera 2016.

All the members of the FCI general Committee is joining me to express our condolences.

Rest in peace.

Rafael de Santiago
FCI President

In memoriam

Steve Gladstone
We are so sad to inform that Mr Steve GLADSTONE, well-known AKC judge and member of the AKC Board, totally unexpectedly passed away on the occasion of a judging assignment in Australia on June 11, 2017.

Steve was a very close friend of the FCI General Committee and the FCI members. We shall all miss him deeply.

On behalf of the FCI General Committee, I would like to express our deepest condolences on Steve’s sudden death and wish Jan, his wife, to find all the courage she will need to face this cruel tragedy.

RIP dear friend Steve and thank you for your valuable contribution to the World Dog Scene.

Rafael de Santiago
FCI President

2017 calendar of FCI « home-made events »

August 6th : 3rd edition of the dog walk, Abbaye d’Aulne, Thuin
organised jointly with the Tourism Office of Thuin

September 24th : 2nd edition of the cynothon, Montigny-le-Tilleul
organised jointly with the City of Montigny-le-Tilleul

Visit the FCI stand at a selection of dog shows in 2017 !

25-27 August – European Section Dog Show in Kiev (UA)

9-12 November – World Dog Show in Leipzig (DE)

As usual you will have the opportunity to take our quiz and try to win Cobby, the FCI mascot !

We look forward to meeting you!

Official Carrier Programmes

Our historical contracts renewed:
Brussels Airlines and Lufthansa Group are FCI’s Official Carriers in 2017!

Dear FCI members and contract partners,
Dear Judges, FCI Breeders, Exhibitors, Handlers, Visitors, Reporters, Commercial stand staff,
Dear dog lovers all over the world,

The FCI General Secretariat is extremely glad to inform that our partnership contracts with Brussels Airlines and Lufthansa Group have been renewed:from February 1st 2017, all tickets booked on Brussels Airlines and Lufthansa Group IN CONJUNCTION WITH AN FCI EVENT (dog show, trial,…) through FCI’s website will get a discount (up to 10%, please refer to the conditions to learn how you can get your discount on flight tickets).

We hope that this attractive benefit will please you. We invite you to share this very good news with all interested parties travelling to dog shows: canine organisation officials and staff, breeders, exhibitors, participants in trials, judges, visitors, press, commercial stands staff,…

Best regards,

Marie Luna Durán
FCI Marketing and PR Manager
Yves De Clercq
FCI Executive Director
Rafael de Santiago
FCI President

First International Congress for FCI show judges – Kyiv (Ukraine), August 23rd, 2017

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Euro Dog Show KYIV 2017

FCI Agility World Championship

World Dog Show - Leipzig 2017

Sometimes, a pedigree dog is a leader

Dogs are no consumer goods

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